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Kimberly June Skeete


Kimberly June Skeete started her career in Specialty Healthcare at DAP Health in Palm Springs, CA in 2019. During her time at DAP Health, Kim provided care under Early Intervention Services. She helped link new HIV patients into care and re-linked back into medical care patients that had fallen out of care. Kimberly also served as the Chair and Co-Chair of the Gender Affirming Health and helped build DAP Healthcare’s first Gender Affirming care team. Kim went on to work for Borrego Health in 2020 as a certified peer support specialist and she worked with Transgender and Gender Non-Confirming youth. During the pandemic, Kimbelry worked to create and deliver mental health presentations for the LGBTQIA+ community and specifically for the TGNC individuals. Kimberly helped to link these individuals to mental health services during a time of immense need. In 2021, Kimberly joined the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care and with her tireless work and advocacy, helped the Greater Palm Springs Chapter bring home the title of Chapter of the year in 2022. Kimberly returned to HIV services when she joined BIOS Clinical Research as a Clinical Research Associate/Community Outreach Manager. She currently focuses on recruitment and enrollment services for HIV and PrEP Clinical Trials. Kimberly strives to provide options for TGNC patients as she feels that this population is severely underrepresented. With a background in gender affirming care, peer support, prevention, and phlebotomy Kimberly is on her way towards becoming the next Trans woman of color making waves in the health care industry. She hopes that her voice helps to reduce stgma and educates people of all backgrounds, especially those of underserved communites. With mentors such as N.P. Anthony Velasco, Dr. Golkoo Morcos, ANAC President and LVN Nurse Bridgete Picou and the entire BIOS Team. Kimberly has come to understand that Specialty care is not only her biggest passion, but also her driving force as a Trans woman of color. “I plan to put the CARE back into healthcare.” -KJS

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