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October 2-6, 2024

Ottawa, Canada


Let us come together!

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Come to SDA Kinship's 45th annual Kinship Kampmeeting—an extraordinary celebration of unity, diversity, and shared experiences of LGBTQ+ current and former Seventh-day Adventists. Join us October 2-6, 2024 in Ottawa, Canada for captivating workshops, thought-provoking presentations, and more. Forge connections, embrace growth, and experience the transformative power of community at Kampmeeting.

This year's Theme

This year's Kampmeeting theme, "We believe," is a resounding celebration of the vibrant and diverse tapestry of beliefs within our SDA Kinship community. It serves as a powerful acknowledgment that each individual brings their unique perspectives, experiences, and convictions, weaving together a rich fabric of understanding, acceptance, and unity.

Kinship Members

About Us

Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International

We are an inclusive community that embraces LGBTQ+ individuals and allies with a connection to the Seventh-day Adventist faith. We provide support, resources, and a safe space for connecting, understanding, and celebrating diverse experiences. Our mission is to reconcile faith and LGBTQ+ identities, foster personal growth, and advocate for inclusivity within the Seventh-day Adventist community and society.

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