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November 9-12, 2023

Riverside, CA, United States


Let us come together!

Come to SDA Kinship's 44th annual Kinship Kampmeeting—an extraordinary celebration of unity, diversity, and shared experiences of LGBTQ+ current and former Seventh-day Adventists. Join us November 9-12, 2023 in Riverside, CA for captivating workshops, thought-provoking presentations, and lively festivities. Forge connections, embrace growth, and experience the transformative power of community at Kampmeeting.

This year's Theme

This year's Kampmeeting theme, "We believe," is a resounding celebration of the vibrant and diverse tapestry of beliefs within our SDA Kinship community. It serves as a powerful acknowledgment that each individual brings their unique perspectives, experiences, and convictions, weaving together a rich fabric of understanding, acceptance, and unity.


Get ready to be inspired by a remarkable lineup of speakers at the SDA Kinship Kampmeeting! We have carefully curated a diverse group of thought leaders, each bringing their unique expertise and perspectives to the stage. From renowned experts in LGBTQ+ advocacy to inspiring storytellers and engaging educators, our speakers represent a wide range of skills and backgrounds. Prepare to be captivated by their knowledge, moved by their stories, and challenged by their insights, rich tapestry of ideas, experiences, and discussions that will leave you inspired and empowered. 


About Us

Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International

We are an inclusive community that embraces LGBTQ+ individuals and allies with a connection to the Seventh-day Adventist faith. We provide support, resources, and a safe space for connecting, understanding, and celebrating diverse experiences. Our mission is to reconcile faith and LGBTQ+ identities, foster personal growth, and advocate for inclusivity within the Seventh-day Adventist community and society.

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